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FJ Bruiser v1.0.1

*Standard Edition FJ Bruiser: This is a lower memory version specifically for Consoles. There is also an identical PC version included, which is also unbranded. This PC version might be helpful in the future with cross-play between PC/Consoles since they are identical mods. The Standard Edition includes 3 Tires and 2 Wheel options, everything else is the same as the Ultimate Edition.

If you’ve used my mods in SnowRunner then you will have an idea of what to expect. All of those things carry over but with a bit more balance to the world of Expeditions, the game economy, and making my trucks more usable for all levels of gameplay from Vanilla to OP. This mod was built for EXP, it’s not a SnowRunner port.

Consider this a Beta release since some game features are not currently working, or working as intended.

– The UI is still a bit buggy for mods.
– The Tire Inflation feature is not working well with higher tire traction tires. If you use my Redline or Cheater Spec tires you will experience the issue when airing down. The truck will encounter a run-on throttle issue where it wants to continue driving until YOU or the terrain stops it. If this ‘bugs’ you then do not air down. Or use the Stock-ish or Vanilla-ish tires instead.
– Stuff like animated hoods, tailgates, portable dash radar, and addon pack wheels also do not work.

All of these things should be fixed in future updates, so please be patient with the Devs and Modders.

I am also trying a few new things with the game physics to give my mods a more realistic planted feeling like a real truck. In both EXP and SR, no matter how heavy default trucks or mods are, they still feel too light once the terrain gets rough. Kind of like toy trucks. So, this is my attempt to make my trucks a bit more stable and realisitc. BTW… these same settings will transfer over to SnowRunner.

About the mod…
The real-life FJ Bruiser was built by Toyota Motorsports Garage and debuted at the 2023 SEMA show. It was one of the standout vehicles on display and IMO, the epitome of a SEMA vehicle. It’s a fusion of form, function, and it’s a legit off-roader. (You can see the FJ Bruiser hitting the dirt at The Kind of the Hammers 2024 on YouTube)

Most people would look at this mod and think it’s an OP Crawler… It’s NOT… but it can be if that’s what you want. I spent a ton of time evolving my mod style to make them more useful in campaigns and on the trail.

Once you add the Expedition Rack the truck is transformed into a very useful scout. The rack can hold more Fuel… Medium Cases with Repair Parts… 2 Large Cases with Even More Repair Parts… A Single Large Case that incorporates 2 Sideboard Slots… or throw on the Default Metal Detector. it’s ready to go anywhere with its amazing COG, approach, breakover, and departure angles.

You will have 4 FJ’s in your garage and this is where the fun begins
Both options have a Standard or Vanilla-ish version.

– FJ Bruiser: This is a fully built recreation of the real-life SEMA truck. This is a run-and-gun, ready-to-go build that you can tweak to your liking.
– FJ Builder: With this version, you are purchasing a rolling chassis. That’s it. You have to purchase every part separately just like a real SEMA or garage build. If you can’t afford it, build it over time. If you don’t like a ton of options, DO NOT use this version. Make sure to also Sub to the Addon Pack for even more custom parts.
– About the Vanilla-ish Version: This truck mimics a vanilla gameplay experience with default levels of damage, rollover angle, fuel consumption, winches, and a manual diff lock. There are also a variety of pure Vanilla/Default Engine, Gearbox, and Tire tunes that are identical to default EXP tunes. I give the source for each tune in the description. OR use one of my custom performance tunes with default levels of damage and fuel consumption. So, with the Vanilla-ish Version the only items that are not ‘Vanilla/Default’ are my suspension tunes and vehicle mass.

BTW… I’ve never been a huge fan of Vanilla-style trucks, but I’m actually using the Vanilla-ish FJ Bruiser in my current EXP campaign. It’s balanced to the terrain and a ton of fun due to the additional challenge. I like this ‘toned down’ version so much that I also include the same default Vanilla Engine & Gearbox Tunes with the Standard Version of the mod so you can have a full-time diff lock.

The build backstory…
I have been wanting to make a totally scratch-built full-custom mod for a while now, so here it is. The IRL FJ Bruiser was built as a showcase vehicle and this mod follows the same idea. I scoured the web and amassed well over 400 build photos to make this as realistic as possible. Toyota also has a great 4-part series on their YT channel showing the build process.

There is an insane amount of detail and you’ll really begin to notice all the intricacies once you start removing the body panels…or flip it over. lol The underside and engine bay are just as detailed as the body and interior. All the major parts are modeled off the IRL vehicle.

For further immersion, things like the engine pulleys, custom spinning front axle shafts, custom rotating disk brake rotors, and fan blades all turn while you drive.

If you are familiar with the FJ Bruiser then you probably know about the tank track underneath the vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s a cosmetic addon on this mod, since tracks do not work in EXP/SR.

I understand this will not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you don’t like it blame Toyota. Lol

But really, visually this is a full-custom mod and it does not include any stock bodywork or stock-sized tires. Yes, you have the option to remove the air intake. No, I do not plan on making a stock version since I’d have to start from scratch. This also includes engine sounds from the IRL FJ Bruiser. It has a very loud NASCAR Cup V8 engine, but I did my best to keep the audio authentic but tasteful.

About the IRL Bruiser…
The FJ Bruiser started life as a 1966 FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup Truck and was highly modified to what Toyota calls an ‘unstoppable rock crawling beast’. It looks more like a ULTRA4 build to me…but I digress.

The body and cab were stripped down to the necessities. The body is highly modified to show truck standards and most of the seams have been welded and smoothed. The removal roof has also been welded to the cab along with the front fenders to make a 1-pice body. The same goes for the bedsides that have a 1-piece seamless design with the rear fender flares. No, this is not practical for a rock crawler, but who cares?! IRL all of these metal parts would be molded into carbon or fiberglass since they are consumable parts.

The Bruiser is powered by a 725 horsepower NASCAR Cup V8 engine, backed by an Atlas transfer case, and Currie axles at both ends. It has a set of Fox Factory Race 3.0 Coilovers and their 3.5 Bypass Shocks front to back and sits on a hand-fabricated tube chassis with hydraulic steering.

Everything listed above has made its way into my mod.

The IRL Bruiser has high-back race seats which aren’t practical since the driver does not wear a helmet in EXP, so I made a set of pro-level crawler seats instead.

amount of detail that’s included. It’s my lowest memory mod in a few years.

The PC version includes all the branding. I made custom non-branded parts for consoles.

The FJ Bruiser Features:
– FJ Bruiser & FJ Builder Versions
– Standard or Vanilla-ish Gameplay Versions
– All 3D models were scratch-made by me
– Custom Sounds from real-life FJ Bruiser
– NO Visual Damage on Truck or Addons. Tires still have Visual Damage
– New Physics Tuning for Stability
– All New Performance Tunes
– All New Vanilla Tunes with Default Source in Description
– All Tires include the Inflation Feature
– Standard Edition has 3 Tires and 2 Wheels
– Ultimate Edition has 9 Tires and 14 Wheels
– 3 WIP Tire Traction Groups (Vanilla-ish – Stock-ish – Redline – Dependent on Version being used)
– Custom Spinning RCV Front Axles (Use driveshaft coding)
– Custom Rotating Disk Brake Rotors (Use driveshaft coding to maintain scale with different wheel sizes)
– All Engine Pulleys and Fans Spin with RPM
– Bruiser Hood & Standard Hood without Air Intake Hole
– Bruiser Air Intake (Acts as a Snorkel)
– Fender Mounted Snorkel (Use with NASCAR Air Filter Setup)
– LED or Classic Headlights
– Brass Knucks (Air Freshener Mount)
– Body Emblems: Branded on PC – Consoles Have Custom Lookalike Emblems
– Custom Paint: Ivan “Ironman” Stewart 1990s-era Trophy Truck Inspired
– Custom Paint: Raw Fabrication Steel with Welds Showing
– Custom Paint: 3 Custom Patin Paint Jobs
– Includes Default Sounds for Switch Version
– Expedition Rack (Bed Rack)
– Expedition Rack: LG Case with 2 Sideboard Slots
– Expedition Rack: LG Case Misc (Multiple Configurations)
– Expedition Rack: Med Case (Multiple Configurations)
– Expedition Rack: Fuel Container (Multiple Configurations)
– Expedition Rack: Has Default Metal Detector Slot
– And more…

The FJ Bruiser Addon Pack includes a bunch of aftermarket parts to personalize your rig.

The FJ Bruiser Addon Pack Includes:
– Front Winch Bumper
– Baja LED Headlights
– Baja Roof LED Light Bar
– Headlight Air Ducts (Do not Produce Light)
– Window Nets (Animated)
– VP Fuel Containers (in the Interior)
– Roll Cage Mounted Hi-Lift Jack
– Roll Cage Mounted Fire Extinguisher
– Spare Tire Mounted Traction Boards

Author: JohnJohnHotRod
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